I've been meaning to node this for a while, and decided to finally take the time to write something up. The two events in question are unrelated in everything but the fortuitous nature of their occurence.

When I first started working at Macy*s almost two years ago I had the privilege of working with a boy named Luis. To most he probably seemed like just another obnoxiously loud mouthed kid lacking respect for any type of authority whatsoever. However, on many occasions I was allowed a glimpse at his more mature, less coarse inner self. I'm not exactly sure why he felt as though he could confide in me, but I looked upon these happenings with gratitude. In one of our random conversations it somehow came out that we were both adopted. A funny coincidence but nothing too out of the ordinary. Questions were shot back and forth until it was revealed that not only did we share a common country of origin, but a common city and orphanage as well. I was floored! Despite the fact that he was a few years older than me, I couldn't help but entertain the notion that I might possibly have a real brother. Being the manly, unphaseable type that he is, Luis disregarded my ideas as dreamy nonsense. I now realize the high degree of impossibility that we might actually be related, but the effect that this event had on me is staggering.

The second happening that I have in mind is far less dramatic, but no less relevant. It also has the added bonus of taking place right here on E2! Approximately three years ago I was a big time groupie for the Broadway musical "Titanic".* As most slightly obssessive fans do I signed onto a number of mailing lists. Eventually I started chatting online with one of the other members of the lists and formed a happy little friendship. After a while though we began to drift apart and gradually lost contact. A few weeks ago I was watching the new writeups flooding the screen and began to notice several titles that sounded familiar. A quick user search confirmed my suspicions- it was the girl I had known from years ago! Contact was reestablished and we finally met at a recent gathering. I just hope that we actually manage to stay in touch this time around.

Little events like these have reminded me, no matter how much my belief in chance might waver, not to completely disavow its mysterious workings in life.

Before I get attacked with any criticisms let me just say that it was far different from the movie and wasn't nearly as melodramatic or sentimental.