NothingLasts4Ever transcribed Not In Our Name because it is important. About 75% of the people who voted on it voted it up. Yurei, borgo, amnesiac, Derfel, kto9, and fondue all gave it a C!.

The beauty of a C! is that it exposes a writeup to what is usually another group of 10 to 20 people. Imagining that I had a C! to give out, I realized that giving one to a writeup becomes more difficult to justify if it already has one or two of them. To say the writeup is cool - that you liked it a lot - is one thing, and something that doesn't seem all that important when the writeup already has C!s. But to get 10 or 20 more people to read it is quite another, and in this light, its current C! level should not matter.

Someday, I will have C!s to spend, but first I guess I have to earn it. When that day comes, I expect to hunt E2 for nodes that explain things I think are important, like faceless power structures and People Power. To me, the only writeups that matter are those that inspire you to make your world (and mine) a better place. They don't have to be political or philosophical; humorous writeups and song lyrics are often inspiring too. Even a recipe can be inspiring because of the way it appreciates a culture. I will C! them if they inspire me. Perhaps you will join me in this effort.