Neti Dhoti (Sanskrit) is a simple Yoga treatment to clean out the nasal passages. Aside from cleaning out the passages of gunk that's been sitting there for a long time, it helps reduce headaches, helps you smell better.

The cleaning process is done with a saline solution, poured through one nostril and drained through the other one. Breathing exercises are recommended before cleaning with the solution. See below for full details. This treatment is simpler than it looks.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in Yoga or this treatment. I have seen this done and I've tried it myself once. The results have been positive so I'm sharing it here. I learned this through a friend who uses it regularly and has Yoga background. The descriptions are as accurate as I can make it. Treat this as a make your own bomb node. It's meant to be informative and not an encouragement to actually do it.

Neti nasal passage
Dhoti washing out or cleaning

The Treatment

Preparing the water

The water needs to be lukewarm, around room temperature. Clean filtered water is recommended. Warm the water in a pot and dissolve about half a teaspoon of salt. You can use sea salt for more natural ingredients. Test the water w/ your finger. You don't want the water to be hot! You may burn yourself. The water will be traveling your nasal passages after all. Pour the water into a pot or anything that has a long snout.

The berating exercise

A set of breathing exercises are done in order to prepare the nasal passages. Take one hand, place the thumb on one nostril and place the index finger and the finger next to it on your forehead together. Your fingers should touch your forehead right above the eyebrows. You should be able to place the third finger on the other nostril. This will allow you to close either of the nostrils. Unfortunately I can't remember the purpose of the 2 finger on the forehead.

Close one nostril and breath is as much as you can. Close the open nostril and open the closed on. Slowly breath out. Repeat this 5 times and switch so you now breath out the nostril you were breathing in from.

The second exercise is the same except short bursts are used instead of one single smooth outgoing breath.

Do these exercises while sitting and don't lower your head.

The cleansing process.

We're not ready to use the water. You can do this over the sink or over a large bowl. Tilt your head towards one shoulder and make sure your head is perfectly horizontal. Place the snout on the top nostril and slowly pour the water. Keep the flow continuous to put constant pressure on the water. Make sure to be breathing through your mouth throughout the process. You may feel some of the water at the back of your mouth but that's normal. You will feel the water traveling through your forehead and eventually drip out of the lower nostril. Hopefully it will be draining out gunk.

After about a minute. Tilt to the other side and try again.

When done, blow your nose to completely drain your nasal passages of any water. You should now feel clearer. It's better to do this in the first half of the day so the water eventually drains by the end of the day.

I have only tried this once so far and the water did not drip out of the other nostril. Apparently I'm quite clogged and my friend had not seen anything like it! I will continue to try this. Two other friends of mine have also tried this treatment and had positive results.

Again, this is meant to be an informative node and not a source to carry out this treatment.