Broke up with Angela today. I just can't really handle a poly relationship right now. Her life is already defined by another relationship with her husband. I know I'll get over it, hell, I may eventually be able to see her again in some way, I don't know. I've already detached from the idea of us, which will never fucking happen in a million years anyway. And I certainly wouldn't want to break up her marriage.

Lessons I've Learned: only one - I can't control anything in my life, and any idea that I ever could is just a fucking illusion. I certainly didn't plan on falling in love with this woman! I just wanted to hang out, have fun, get laid.


She wants to go to the burn with me. (See if you want to have fun outside in Delaware in October.) She wants to do karaoke with me. She wants to spend the night with me. In short, she wants to have some sort of relationship with me!! Like I don't. Sigh. I told her to come on - I guess I'm a masochist, or something. It's hard to say goodbye when you really don't want to.