I had a rough day at work, didn't get much done - but my pc was fscked up, and after an hour on the phone with Gateway, the previous hour spent moving files to the network and reformatting the pc, I guess it's no wonder. My Cd-writer still doesn't work. Ack. Now I get to move everything back over.

And I was sad yesterday, which makes it difficult to get things done; after all, who cares? I finally left work and drove to the health club - it's taken me weeks to go back there. I hate exercise but of course, when I drag myself there, feel so much better after. It was supposed to be a Pilates class but the sub taught Power Yoga. Awesome. I did things I didn't think I could do! Balancing on one foot for minutes, stretching and stretching. Very cool. I felt very happy after, the little endorphins were apparently running all over my body.

I had spent almost the entire hour before talking - well, listening - on my cell phone with V., my OA sponsee. She's so depressed, it's difficult sometimes to not shake her and say "wake the fuck up! You can change!" Anyway - I just listened. She was very glad I called, so that was good. But the really good thing about it was that I spent an hour caring about some one else, forgetting my problems. And that was really helpful.