I was walking home from work along Route 40, a busy six lane highway near my home with a chubby gentleman. We were co-workers, and getting to know one another by walking home together. As we turned off of Route 40 to a quieter side street, a car nearly hit me. I had to jump out of the way, and it brushed my hip.

I was furious and saw the car turn into a driveway up ahead. I went to the house and began yelling at the young girl who had been driving. She had a serious attitude. She went into the house and her mother came out, who started apologizing and making excuses for her daughter's behavior and attitude. I was furious that this mother was trying to let her daughter get away with nearly killing some one. A Raggedy Ann doll came flying out of a window and hit my dress. It was soaked in urine.

I wanted to fight the girl really bad, but I knew she was stronger than me and would whip my ass. I kept arguing with the mother. Something else flew out of the house and hit me - I think a book.

The co-worker was trying to get me to give up and leave, but I wouldn't. Finally, I did, and we walked away. I remember feeling humiliated and furious at the same time.