Now Elvis he gave away Cadillacs,
Which is easy to do when you're the King
But God never worries about the Radio
From the back seat, Elvis will sing

--Wammo, God Drives a Volkswagen Thing

This is by no means the entire song, which appears on Wammo's faster than the speed of suck album. I've heard him perform it on a few occasions while appearing with the Asylum Street Spankers. Essentially, Wammo makes the argument lyrically that it's the ideal car for Our Lord; It's unassuming, efficient, and functional. Of course, Jesus' car is a bit souped up and "does a nine flat in the quarter". He says that the Nazis invented the VW, and they were evil and mean, but when "Jehovah wants to drive around without being recognized, God drives his Volkswagen Thing".

Personally, I suspect that if it were true, he'd be rocking the 2.2 liter Subaru conversion, it could only be a good thing from the standpoint of fuel economy and avoiding dripping oil all over the roads. God, of all people, ought to be strong on the environment although numerous incidents involving fire, brimstone, and unseasonable plagues of locusts do suggest otherwise.

Next time you see the boxiest of antique SUVs passing you by, or more likely receding in your rear view mirror, look for the bushy white beard. It's either Jesus or Santa Claus.

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