Well, I got my first ever "we need to talk" email today. Wow, I guess they are right when they say how much of a tell-tale sign that is.

Anyway. I guess when break ups happen, that lots of whining should be involved. But I feel that she is completely reasonable in her thoughts. I completely and honestly understand in how she has chosen work over personal life, however, that makes it hurt a little more.

I knew this was going to happen, sooner or later. I knew it was happening. Both of us knew it was happening. I just couldn't believe it. Finally, contact between us came so few and far between that I had to bring it out into the open. And that was that.

I really miss her. I still remember the good times when had... Driving around, in warm weather with the convertible top down, listening and singing to "Abracadabra." The way her face looked, inches away from mine, while we barraged each other with small kisses. When someone's face is that close, you notice features that you would never notice from a normal level of contact. She really is beautiful.. I love the way her jaw-line slopes down to her chin.

I still really don't know what to think. It still hasn't set in. I am still hoping that we will be able to get back together in a few months. I suppose it is just a matter of time.