Platman is a highly addictive computer game written for the Amiga computers (it was targeted at the Amiga 500 primarily). Released as freeware by John Hardie in 1992. The name comes from a shortening of Platform Pac-Man.

The game is a standard platform game where you run and jump to avoid enemies (Pac-Man style ghosts), while collecting as many bonus items (food mainly) as possible. You have to jump from platform to platform to navigate your character (a Pac-Man look alike) through mazes and collect keys to open doors while avoiding lava, spikes, and monsters.

The graphics are simple but well drawn, and the gameplay is great. The game consists of only one level, which is quite challenging, and has a great replay value.

As a final note, if anybody knows how to contact the author of this game, please get in touch with me, because I've been seriously considering making a clone of it for the PC, and would like to have the official blessing and input if at all possible.