Firstly, this is a day late (its not my fault i was at the point of collasping from tiredness) But not to worry eh!

I awake from a deep slumber that was caused only by 4 pints of Guniness, for some reason I have become strangly attached to that drink (it just goes down sooooo smooth). My brother was looking over me and i just mumbled:


There was a reason for being up at this time, (and its lucky that it was a good one because i dont like getting up early, especially on a sunday morning!) We were off to Alton Towers for the day (wheeeee) the first time ive been in 2 or 3 years so i was fairly looking forward to it. So me, my brother, my brothers mate and my girlfriend all piled into my brothers mate car and set off.


We entered the theme park and was sat there for about an hour more waiting for my brothers best mate, (it was his brithday and he invited some other friends) While sitting there enjoying the view of the castle thats situated right in the middle of the park, i came to the conclusion that i was bloddy cold!

Eventually my brothers mate turned up with his girlfriend and brother and we started to walk.

The first ride

This first ride that we went on was only a short walk into congo land, here we went on the ride "runaway mine train" i give it about 7 out of 10 on the scary factor, not a bad ride, fast but comfortable, although like on all rides there were some drops and going through a dark tunnel at whatever speed always does the job!, the queing for the ride wasnt that bad either, only really had to wait for about 10-15 minutes

We had soon covered most of the rides in the park, all the good ones anyway, we were off to the final section of the park, there in this place was the biggy, the crem de la crem of rides, it is simply called Oblivion the worlds first virticle drop, the interesting feature about this ride is that just before you drop, the ride stops and lets you hang over the top for a few seconds and then an omnious voice speaks

Dont Look Down!

But unfortanetly you cant do anything but look down!


The end of the day was approaching we had been on everything just about once, and we came to the water section of the park, ohhh the log flume and rapids, i will only say that we came from that place very happy, and also very very very very wet!