I have had this dream so many times now its silly, but I think I will tell it anyway.

It starts off with me asleep with me in bed asleep. My parents are downstairs watching the tv. I sleep for a while and then I am woken by a very faint rumbling. I get out of bed and get dressed ever aware of that faint rumbling which seemed to be getting louder all the time.
When I am finally dressed I go downstairs to find myself home alone, my parents had gone out with friends. I looked out the window to try and see the source of the rumbling, I couldnt so I decided to phone one of my friends Neil and ask him if he had heard anything to which he replied yes.
I put the phone down and walked outside greatly troubled by the noise that is now quite loud. I turn around and behold there was the marshmellow man from ghostbusters.

please dont ask me why that particular monster came in to me dream, it just did.