[Lyrics deleted for copyright reasons. - Ed.]

The song contains samples from Walk on by by Burt Bacharach, performed by Dionne Warwick and from Le Voile d'Orphée (Orpheus' Veil) by Pierre Henry. It starts out a bit cheesy, but that soon fades in a series of broken beats, and then the eerie vocals start up, drifting along, being held up by the minimalistic music and the slowly sliding beat. Especially strange are the numbers, each slowly enunciated as if they're being passed over to a safecracker or bomb defuser. Kick in some sci fi refs and some relationship angst and it's the perfect song to construct fantasy worlds in your head. No surprise 2Wicky became their hit song from the album. Interestingly enough, the vocals are not from the current female singer, Geike Arnaert, but from Liesje Sadonius, who left the band in 1997. She herself was a replacement for the original singer of 2Wicky, a then 15 year old named Esther who left just before the band's record deal was signed.