For 4 days, my left eye is kind of swollen. It is really annoying in that I have half vision sense of the word, but in retrospect I have come up with an excellent new form of the olympics that dispenses with that unfairness aspect of olymic basketball and other sports.

Effectively in my olympics, there are no team sports.

The olympics should and will be a one day event in which 50 year old people (to dictate averagiousity) compete in a day long running event wherein at each point throughout the select city partcipants must engage in some form of ancient sport. Throwing big pointed sticks, projecting high speed pointed sticks out of specially designed bent wood, running with tall blunt sticks at a divot in the ground, fighting in white clothing with thin metal sticks, attempting to jump over a very high free standing horizontal stick, jumping over sticks several feet off the ground while running. As you will notice, these events depend in large part on sticks. A city should be selected that has a great abundance of sticks and therefore will be a great boon to the stick economy.