We at Simon's Rock College have turned Manhunt into an art, a science, and an R.A.P. credit. Yes, once a week, 15-30 students gather for athletic credit, to run around campus with flashlights and FRS radios. The game was founded by a few current sophmores, including neuromantic.

The way the game works is like this: All of the players meet at a certain location at an assigned time. They're then divided into teams. One smaller team (about 6-7 people) is designated as the hiders. The other team (about 15-20 people) is designated as the seekers. Both teams are given a list of identical targets on Lower Campus. The Hiders are attempting to tag these targets with squares of duct tape, while the Seekers are trying to tag the Hiders. While this may seem unfair, one must consider the complexities of the targets. Location is everything, and certain targets require more manpower than others, especially when there are various entry points to be considered.

To play SRC Manhunt, it is suggested that players wear all-black clothing or at least some form of camouflage (white can be substituted during winter games). Black face paint or similar can also be used. An FRS Radio, though not required per se, is highly useful and it will make your life easier, and everyone has them anyway. Less required, though useful, is a headset complete with microphone. Flashlights are iffy, but you never know what visibility in the woods will be like. Finally, squares of duct tape in an easily accessable location (i.e. on your pants leg) is necessary in order to tag your opponent.

The game ends when either a certain number of targets have been tagged (6 out of 9, etc) or the Hiders have been tagged 10 times. Each game has a different "map", i.e. different targets and rules (fewer people = fewer targets and less tags required, etc.), and it's really the players that decide the outcome. Win or lose, it's a great way to relieve stress at the end of the school week.