Just as a disclaimer side note: This is my first day log, and I don't frequently read them, so I'm not quite sure what passes as too much GTKY material, feel free to tell me that this sucks and not to do it anymore.

As I sit here in an airport terminal I start to think of how four years of blissful (oh wait, not exactly) high school has passed me by. And then I think of what's next. And then I get rather scared, because my college is over 1000 miles from home at the University of Puget Sound. My mom cannot possibly "run up and do my laundry" I don't have that option. So I start my packing.


Damn I had no idea I had so many clothes. More t-shirts than I would ever need, stuff that was given to me years ago and I've grown so attached to it that I have not even thought about throwing it away. Besides, what is a few tears and a stretched collar, it was from the Aquabats show that I saw when I was ten, IT’S NOSTALGIC! Anyhow, I've learn to part, and actually have found that the only shirts I've really kept are my groupie band shirts from of all the local shows I've seen in the past few. And then I move on to all the dress clothes which I don't know even fit anymore. Do I really need dressy clothes for college life, am I gonna want to put on a suit to go to a killer frat party? So I've decided to ditch all but two sets of nice shirts, slacks, and shoes. Time to move on.


What to choose? As a long-time computer parts collector (aka geek) I have way too much shit to bring with me, I no longer will have room for the multiple network cards, keyboards, and mice, they will have to collect dust in my room. I've decided to bring my bitchin' IBM ThinkPad T42 as well as my Dell desktop, although I know that it will just become an internet radio hub as it has no real use for class notes. Also, I am bringing my component speaker system just in case my music taste matches that of my roommate, cause you know it would be absolutely bitchin' to rock out in my little crib.


Now this is where graduation really pulled through, my mom's friend bought me this huge tub filled with munch food and school supplies. It was amazingly thoughtful, and she even bought me a pack of condoms, cause you know, I'm such a super playa. Although some of the food has had to be eaten lest it went bad there is still alot of gummy bears and ramen packets left for the first few weeks.


These are not exactly essential, but for not bringing a car they will be quite helpful transportation tools. My skateboard, of course, so I can show all the ladies my amazing skillz. My fairly new Gary Fisher Mamba mountain bike, so I can be like Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite, word. The Snowboard for kickin' it in the mountains, if I can ever get a ride up to them. And I am still on debate with myself on whether or not to bring my mountainboard, because it's large and I might not even end up using it that often, it's not exactly something you do alone. And as much as I want to bring my pretty pink rolla skates I think they will have to stay with my pipe, bong, and playboy mags, hidden away in my closet for later meetings.

Damn alright, so this Butterfinger Mcflurry is being eaten right across from me in the terminal, I think I'm gonna go get me one. Peace out.