Because I've been awake for 37 hours
Because it feels like someone put superglue into my eyes
Because the purple squirrel in my socks has started to hallucinate
Because I drank 13 cans of Jolt over the past 3 hours

Because the I've seen 3 consecutive sunrises
Because I've lost all feeling everywhere apart from my butt and my hands
Because the 4 computer screens have started singing to me
Because there's an imprint of my body on my computer chair

Because my IRC uptime reads as 32 hours
Because I keep shaking uncontrollably
Because I just wrote a 2 line node
Because I need to wash
Because I need...
Because I...

*Snore* (head droops)
Body convulses and head jumps up

Because I'm very, very tired

The Nodeshell Rescue Team