Big Blow and the Bushwackers, once described as "The world's best plumbing band," was started in 1993 by tuba player Tim Whittemore. Whittemore, a seemingly perennial student at Salisbury State University (now Salisbury University), originaly started the band named "Big Blow and the Armpits" because their music was "kinda stinky". Thankfully, they morphed into their current incarnation. The band, very much a folk/zydeco/polka/pop band with Celtic influences, is more an excuse for the band to jam with non-traditional and home-made insturments side by side with more traditional folk insturments than anything else. Their signiture insturment and the inspiration for their name is the didjeridu, namely the one Whittemore made from PVC piping.

The band also includes Ted Porter (billed as "screamer/songwriter" and also plays the rhythm mandolin), Don Plehn (plays trumpet and others), and Mick Haensler (percussionist). Ted Watkin left the band in 1998.

They have, to date, had three releases: their first was the collection What Didjiredu?, followed by the Habagoola CD and the Off Kilter (A Celtic Outerlude) EP.

Whittemore finally graduated in 1996.

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