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I am now officially freaked out

Today is Monday. Mondays have always been days to growl at people and drink too much coffee.

Not today!

I got up early. I washed quickly. I waltzed into work. I accomplished things. I smiled at my project leader (who I normally hate).

I am happy. Buoyed upward because of her. Things are looking up.

Life is good

I am worried about the operation tomorrow, but today is a day for happiness.


15:30 BST

This is my 500th node. Woop!

16:40 BST

Oh, hell. I am the only person around who can operate our clearcase servers. So, I shall prolly be working until midnight trying to get the damn things stable again. :-(

17:20 BST

Let's get electrified

Special xmms playlist for getting me psyched up to do 3 days work in 2 hours... begin with Leftfield's Afrika Shox, and maybe some kicking hard house to follow... hmm...

19:35 BST

later. got off work due to fucking crap stupid shitty SQL server and stupid buggery clearcase being so shittily designed and fucked up that they can't even restore a backup correctly.


running around the house cleaning. terrified of this stupid fucking operation that i don't even need and days of morphine haze and being off work and boredom and regression into stupid fucking agoraphobia. eating too much and the music is up too loud. but fuck my stupid neighbour cos he is just such a flake and likes cheesy mainstream club music in fact he is playing stupid fucking ministry of sound pete tong shite with the bass up too high.

regression. fucking scared, alright?