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Wake up at 4:40am. Talk to her. Get hurt by her refusal to accept my praise. Can't get across the fact that I have rearranged my life around her. Too tired. Stumble into work. Snap at my friends. Drink too much coffee. Worry about my appraisal. Get interrupted by my stupid fucking project leader. Read complaints about vote dumping. Try to do this fucking win2k setup. Drink more coffee. Get blanked by the bitchy hr people. Realise I have to move heavy equipment on 2 hours broken sleep.

Fuck you all, I can have a bad day too.

15:15 BST

Well, I got ripped to shreds during my appraisal. My current project leader told me line manager that he was happey with my results, but not my methods. He said those magic management words of responsibility and communication making sure that there was no doubt that he considered me deficient in both. What makes this rather nasty is that my line manager thinks I am a poor communicator who does not take personal responsibility for his work. (roughly translated, this means I'm not a good corporate bunny). So I got ripped apart. Well, at least I didn't have to look at this stupid win2k server for an hour and a half.