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Is this the way things were meant to be?

I am lazy. This may not come as a surprise to some people here - I am terrible when it comes to updating nodes and replying to /msg's.

Life is difficult to those of us who are lazy bastards. Bills, insurance and the general sorting out of my life are always done at the last minute.

Hmm, prolly best to backtrack: I am having an operation soon and will have to organise:

  • Getting to the hospital
  • Someone to watch over the house
  • Telling my boss that I have to have 5 weeks off work
  • Tidying my house up
  • Getting enough easy food to last me
  • Getting painkillers
  • Sorting out the medical insurance
  • Getting ADSL so I don't go insane whilst stuck in the house

There's prolly a lot more to remember, but if'n I try and actually think about this and organise myself, my mind just goes blank...

Mental note: pictures. she wants pictures. (ack!)