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10:15 BST

My house is a mess. Letters on the floor, beer cans everywhere, books scattered anywhere but the bookcase, clothes forming fractal patterns on my bedroom floor and plastic bags with chocolate bars inside them.

The less said about my Kitchen, the better.

I know I need to tidy up. I know I need to collate my CDs and put them together. I know I need to start my weekend laundry. I know I need to at least make an attempt on my hell hole of a kitchen.

But I don't want to.

Mental Note: Instant gratification is not a right.

13:40 BST

Nyaah! Nyaaaah! I have a tidy kitchen now! I feel so happy with the accomplishment that I decided to node Tips for overcoming Procrastination as a reward.

Ugh, I read "Bruckheimer is convinced that Perabo, who resembles an amalgam of Julia Roberts, Liv Tyler and Angelina Jolie, will be Hollywood's next best thing." from . I'm convinced that Hollywood will be genetically engineering it's stars within a decade. It reminds me of that university research into the most popular female face - they averaged the results and made a vampish monstrousity, proclaiming it to be the perfect female.

Ah well, at least nefarious uses for a beard trimmer cheered me up.

20:10 BST

Finally got the email address of the girl who's been trying to contact me via the internet dating site - Now I'm in a silly panic about what to write in my reply. The site in question is mentioned in dating through a score out of 9 - which iirc was my first cooled node. If you want a laugh, my homenode has the address of my page on that site :)

Hmm, says that the optimum width of a text line is between 6 and 12 words... (sorry for that random thought) Oddly enough, my font size gives me about 14 words per line in a node...