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8:20 BST

I tried to click on "Random Node" inside another website ( - does this make me a hopeless E2 addict?

I've been contacted through an internet dating agency - should I reply? Maybe I should introduce her to E2, then get to know her through noding. Hmm...

Kallen, some people node as the day happens, others node at the end of the day, others node the previous day's happenings. There are no strict rules here.

18:30 BST

Got told off for making a flippant remark about our flakey source control system - hence I was pissed off walking home - hence I decided to get a little pissed. (UK slang for drunk, in case you're wondering) I therefore apologise in advance for the random smattering of thoughts below

It's started raining as I type this; how apt

My internet dating contact hasn't set up email correctly - I want to reach out, yet cannot. How typical, he says with a wry but weary smile.

A Perfect Circle's Judith video by David Fincher may be the best music video I've seen, ranking up there with The Prodigy's Breathe video. It is a brilliant piece of work without eclipsing the song itself; unlike so many Chris Cunningham videos: Bjork's All is full of love and Aphex Twin's Windowlicker.

The rain is washing over the pavement slabs I lifted last weekend - I know I'm supposed to be an enthusiastic gardener, but I really can't be bothered to move my precious plant dudes.

I told my Brother that seeing the preview of Gone in 60 seconds on a small cinema screen isn't worth it, wait until the full release on a big cinema screen. I hope he will not be annoyed with me, as I promised him I would go with him to see the preview. We shall see it in big screen glory tomorrow, I promise.

I am scared to go to The E2 London Picnic, and I am terrified to go to the party Saturday night. I am simply too shy; what could possibly go wrong?

There is a new girl in Systems Integration who looks about 15. I am attracted to her because of her young looks - not for the jailbait quality - she is attractive. But she is young looking, and I feel guilty for finding her pretty. What is it about us that makes us afraid to like someone?

It's not like you've killed someone
It's not you drove a hateful spear into his side

I have just read the lyrics for A Perfect Circle's Judith at - As a Christian I find them surprisingly striking; they caught me unawares, but then I am a little drunk...