Under 16's. School Rugby Union final. A tight game but our opponents have the better of us.

We are losing 15 - 21, by 6 points. All that is needed is a converted try to win the game. But we run out of time. The halfback picks the ball up from a ruck on their side of halfway, right next to the sideline.

All that is needed is for him to kick the ball out of play, and the game will end. Victory lies within his grasp. Our team has all but resigned itself to defeat, the loss of an entire season's work.

As he picks up the precious pill, he finds himself suddenly surrounded by 5 of our men, desperately trying for a last ditch tackle. Panic strikes him, and instead of kicking the ball straight out, he turns wildly, and kicks it...


Our flyhalf sprints, chasing the ball that is destined for the dead ball area, surely it must go out anyway and the game will be over. Enter goalpost.

Bouncing off the upright, the ball stops underneath the posts. The fullback, confounded by what his team mate has done, tries to recover and nullify the situation, but our courageous flyhalf has already scooped up the loose ball and planted in sweetly under the black dot. He converts his own try, and the game is ours, 22 - 21.

I have it on good authority that the kid responsible cried all the way home.

Live and learn.