I'm at a party with a group of friends with whom I'm moderately well acquainted. Specifically, I'm standing in this room with about five other kids in a rough circle. The number of people in the room/ at the party isn't clearly defined, but I do know for certain of one guy (we'll call him Matt Bantz) who isn't in the room but is definitely elsewhere in the house.
The people in the room are talking pejoratively about a certain other guy at the party, without mentioning him specifically by name. Since they don't refer to him by name, I assume, by deduction, that they're talking about this Matt Bantz. Now, I don't necessarily agree with their insults but I say nothing to the contrary, not wanting to start an argument, I suppose.
Suddenly, one of these people in the room turns to face me, directly, and says, "What do you think, Bantz?"
Confused at having been called by this name, I turn to face a full- length mirror not far from me against a wall... and I'm Matt Bantz!
I wake up in a cold sweat.