The codes I know of and have tested are as follows:

  • *#0000# gives your phone's firmware revision number and date.
  • *#06# gives your phone's IMEI number.

These codes apparently work on all Nokia phones. I have only tested this code to work on a Nokia 7110, Nokia 6210, and Nokia 8250:

  • *#92702689# (*#war0anty#) - displays a secret menu. On the Nokia 6210 this displays a menu that says:
    1. Serial number - displays the IMEI number.
    2. Made - gives the manufacturing date, on my first generation Nokia 6210 it says 0900 (presumably September 2000)
    3. Purchased - presumably gets set with a 4-digit number that should say when you bought the phone. I have never seen this set when it was bought.
    4. Repaired - presumably another 4-digit number that says when you last had the phone fixed. Since I never needed to have my phone repaired, this is set to 0000.
    5. Transfer user data - I'm afraid to activate this option, as it sounds somewhat ominous. I don't have a data cable and I have no idea what it might do.

    To get out of the 'war0anty' menu you need to power cycle your phone.