Iczelion is an anime that features Nagisa Kai, a school girl who dreams of one day becoming a professional wrestler. Then, one day, on her way to school, Nagisa is confronted and attacked by a strange demon. Luckily, before the monster can get a hit in, a sentient, midget-like suit of armor, called an Iczel allows Nagisa to don him, which would give her the power to defeat her enemy, and become a legendary Iczelion warrior.

After eliminating the demon, Nagisa is told the story behind the Iczel's immense power, and the evil forces that have, for generations, killed the Iczelion warriors. In fact, her Iczel knows for a fact that Nagisa has been targeted for destruction. But Nagisa is not alone in her quest to stop her pursuers, and make the universe safe, for there are three other girls that have been chosen by Iczels.

For the most part, I thought that this was a decent anime (it was actually my first). Some complaints I had included the slightly outdated animation, and the barely original story. One of the strongest aspects of this anime was the subtitles - the fact that there were no annoying American voice actors butchering the dialogue was a real plus. There was a re-release of this particular anime in 2001.