It should be noted that all information distributed in American Media(and this includes Canada too) concerning illegitimate drugs should also correspond with the word propaganda. I base this statement on the following fact:
It is targeted towards younger children with very malleable minds. Allow me to explain.

Most people have free access to real information (like noders here at everything2) and will seek out information regarding issues before arriving at a decision. The propaganda doesn't offer any facts. It simply states that drugs are bad, and cause bad things to happen to good people. It also embeds the (unhealthy) notion that anyone who offers you drugs (be it friend or stranger) is unquestionably trying to hurt you. I would have thought being offered expensive commodities like drugs would be a sign that your friend is quite generous, or close.

Apparently, this is not something they would have you know. I'm not all gung-ho for drugs, and I certainly don't believe that children should be in the habit of abusing drugs, let alone trying them. My point is that children today are being force-fed falsehoods and half-truths. Given, most if not all drugs may have cons that can easily outweigh the pros. However we are never given knowledge of the positive effects of drugs. You only live once. You are going to die, that's a part of life. Drugs *are* means by which a human may reach the peak of their creativity, emotions, and energy. Don't feed kids ignorance, because they swallow it all. That's children learn. They don't really have a choice, until they are mentally strong enough to develop their own opinions. Keep feeding our young lies, and eventually they're going to choke.

Are drug users necessarily different from everyone else? Under no circumstances. They are human; they eat, sleep, breathe, feel, and die. Maybe at times, they enjoy it a little more.