The idea or theme of this album, and namely the song Digimortal is the idea of immortality through technology. During an interview on Loud on Muchmusic (the canadian alternative to emptyV) Burton explained that the idea was that one can become digimortal through a series of steps. (In my head earlier I was pondering something to the effect of these and as if Burton took the words out of my mouth).

  1. When future technology allows, replicate your brain and memories and back them up on a computer. Keep the backup as up to date as possible.
  2. Keep a sample of your tissue in storage. This comes in later.
  3. Get killed.
  4. Have yourself cloned from the earlier saved tissue, and have your memory restored from the back up (assuming technology allows).

And there you have it: The key to digital immortality. The song of replica on the album deals with this theme as well. The fear of man becoming obsolete is already upon us. Not to say that humans are or will be replaced by something more efficient. Its merely a likely and horrifying predition. Essentially, in this system man will have conquered his mortality and life will cease to have meaning anymore.