The music video for this song is almost indescribable. Most KMFDM fans know how hard it is to see a KMFDM music video, what with KMFDM's boycott of eMpTyV um, i mean MTV. The video is mostly the stylish artwork of Brute who does cover art for KMFDM albums. Seeing it animated is incredible. Mixed in between the scenes of a giant beating war drums and an amazon uprooting a tree, there is actually computer animated 3d geometry flashing KMFDM insanely in contrasted black and white, which is quite a feat for the video being made in 1993.

The video is well made, and visually conveys a lot of messages that the band would find hard to send out simply in lyrics. If you're even slightly interested in KMFDM, I would recommend firing up Gnutella, Morpheus, Scour, your favourite Irc client, or whatever you use for your high bandwidth media, and get that video!