The list(s) of the Seven Wonders has been written and re-written in days past. The ancient Greeks seemed to enjoy throwing these things together every now and then, celebrating their culture and the mindbenders they'd seen the sun set on. Philon of Byzantium and Antipater of Sidon were two of the more well-known listers and most lists agreed upon the first six wonders on this particular list. The seventh spot was held, at assorted times by assorted people, by the Walls of the City of Babylon or the Palace of Cyrus, king of Persia. Circa 6th century A.D. "they" settled on The Lighthouse of Alexandria.

Anyhoo, the list is a bit Greek-centric, as would be expected from a bunch of primitives, mainly since they didn't have the luxury of net surfing or satellite realtime you won't find the Great Wall of China on this list nor Stonehenge nor the Chelsea Hotel and, nor, not even the great Empire State Building.

Ladies and gentlemen, without furthur ado...I give you...

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: