The mysterious moniker of a secretive team of Everythingites known only as Noders Who Care.

Recently, said group went on a shopping and mailing spree to several of E2's more illustrious (and psychologically unsound) users--all received a set of Personal Triumph Subliminal Audio Cassettes. Each, of course, tailored to that user's particular malady.

An index card within mine read

"Dem Bones

We only want the best for you.

-Noders Who Care"

Now...where is Juliet's copy of "How to get Glitterglam out of the carpet"?

This afternoon I decided to give my tape a listen on the porch. I rolled up a fat one and smoked it down--just slurping up the delicious, subliminal psyche-talk. To be fair, I stabbed out the jay before I'd finished it--but that is my habit.
I don't like small jays.

Think I'll have a cigarette...