"You speak to me in riddles,
and you speak to me in rhyme
my body aches to breathe your breath,
your words keep me alive.
Sarah McLachlan

I would like to have this power over words. Words that sustain. Sentences that linger in the air, like the notes of a piano-hanging there in the rafters. I wish for letters and notes and scraps of paper folded into books and pockets-held onto. I want more than permanence, I want words that move you. If they were powerful, and had a lasting effect, you could recite them later to yourself, or to me, in the dark. You could write them in your own hand in a book or on a tablet-caligraphy? Yes, that is it- I wants words profound enough, weighty enough to withstand caligraphy without the odor of parody. I want the words to flow around the circles and ovals and race to a conclusion-leaving the audience (you) out of breath, wanting more. I want you to smile and ask for more.

If you want them, I can bring them to you,
words racing for your approval, actors dreaming of applause.

Just say the word