The instructor said, "Wrap your tongues around truth, and grip falsehood tightly in your fists." I slid deeper down inside, until I could taste truth's bitter iron tang, but truth is slippery, and we dueled for a while before I backed off, panting and sweating with exertion. I grabbed falsehood on my first try, but it kept trying to convince me that it was something else entirely. It never did feel right, but I kept my grip the whole time.

I was still breathing hard as I readied for another go at truth when I felt the instructors hand on my shoulder, lightly and seemingly far away.

"You're here because you can do this work. Focus, and Relax. Relax, and focus."

I shrugged off his hand. Yeah, I found the damn place, folded into reality to keep the morons and idiots away. But this was hard. This wasn't just sliding something into a fold to make it disappear. That might come in handy at the supermarket, but it didn't do anything to prepare somebody for this. This was something altogether different. To take truth, falsehood, and change them was. . .well. . . I just don't know anymore. Two weeks ago I would have said it was impossible. We were learning to mold ideas, 'isms and concepts.

Honestly, when I lay in my cot at night, and let myself think about it all,
it scared me.

I just keep wondering, am I worthy of this? Is anyone worthy of this? And, how are they going to keep us all in check?

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