I didn't know that we were over 'till we were over. She said we were finished, that there was nothing left and that it was time for us both to move on to other things. I didn't know what things she meant, since I had no other things on my calendar. I mean, I hadn't even planned for this event.

She said that whatever we had was "gone" and she used the words "used up" a few times,as if there was a certain allotment of stuff between the two of us that was, apparently, consumed. I asked if one of us shouldn't have been keeping track of the supply. This was not greeted with the humor in which it was intended. I guess laughter was one of those things that was no longer in stock.

She started packing up her things and in a few hours, was gone.

It's not your fault, Nothing is forever.

Well, I sorta knew that. I mean after Toad the Wet sprocket broke up and Doctor, Doctor went off the air, I knew that much. Life is about change and making difficult transitions. But in previous cases I had some warnings-trouble signs. Bands that argue-break up. Go and buy their albums before the resulting surge in price. Television shows that have some intellectual appeal are not long for the screen. This is why God made the VCR.

But in this circumstance, I had not noticed anything, so of course, THAT was the problem. It had gone bad for us without my participation. This was milk gone sour overnight. Long before the blue numbers on the container promised. One morning you pour it on your Wheat Chex and find that, NO this was not going to work.

I wonder if next time I will be overly cautious and circle some imaginary date on the calendar:

OK now, what is 6 months and 6 days from Today??

That seems both cruel and overly paranoid. I know that. I also know it's not right to label people but warning labels may prove to be necessary.