Fantasy author. In fact, the best fantasy author currently working in the genre. Powers specializes in time travel and retellings of old European legends (he's done a number of treatments of The Fisher King legends). His best books to date: The Drawing of The Dark (it's about beer), The Anubis Gates, On Stranger Tides and Last Call/Expiration Date/Earthquake Weather (a trilogy).

Tim Powers is a frequent instructor at the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop held at Michigan State University during the summertime. He often team-teaches with slipstream author Karen Joy Fowler.

Tim has a very dry wit, and is a bit of a trickster.

In 1996, the World Fantasy Convention was winding down. The convention was ferrying the various Guests of Honor from the con hotel back to the airport. Tim and his wife Serena were in line for the car before Clive Barker. The limo left with Tim & Serena, then soon returned, empty, for Barker. Barker got in, and the car took off. Then Barker noticed a little folded note on the seat beside him. Curious, he opened it.

The handwritten note read: "Clive, they don't really take you to the airport. Jump out of the car if you can. It's too late for us. Save yourself."

The note was signed, in trailing-off letters, "Tim and Serena".

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