An RPG from R. Talsorian Games, based around the genre of Anime Comedies (Urusei Yatsura comes immediately to mind). Basically, a whole bunch of teenagers from Outer Space come to earth via an exchange program, and then the fun begins... the RPG allows you to create boundless worlds and adventures based on classic anime, such as giant robots (and the ever-popular Cosmic Battle Bikini), magic swords, catgirls (=^-^= mee-owww!), and many others... Throw in mimimal dice-rolling and an engaging environment, and you've got an RPG for the (well, someone's) history books.

Here's R. Talsorian Games' official description: Welcome to the world of Teenagers From Outer Space: the amazingly weird roleplaying game that lets you become a character in your very own (or even somebody else's) Japanese Animation Comedy Show! Complete with everything you'll need to create Silly Superpowers, Gonzo Gadgets, Bikini Battlesuits, Mecha Mayhem, Magical Girlfriends and the ever popular sex-changing Boy/Girl Gun, this new edition of the original award winning game is guaranteed to change the way you look at anime (and roleplaying) forever!

For more information, you can visit the TFOS Offical Website at, or surf on over to to check out the Kevlar play-by-email TFOS RPG in action.