R. Talsorian Games is a maker of RPGs, best known for their Cyberpunk 2020 RPG. They were founded in 1982. Cyberpunk was made in 1987. In 1994 they received several Origins awards for Castle Falkenstein. (In my opinion, all deserved!) They're still in business, albeit only part time now.

After Cyberpunk 2020, their next game was Mekton Z, followed by Teenagers from Outer Space. All of these games used the Interlock system, which they would later work with Hero Games to combine into the Fuzion system. As far as I know, every future game from both companies would use the Fuzion game system. (I believe Castle Falkenstein is the one exception from RTG. Castle Falkenstein uses an odd system which involves cards. I never did get the hang of that game.)

Later games were Bubblegum Crisis, Armored Trooper Votons, and their newest: Dragonball Z. All of these newer anime/manga style games are being released under their new ANimechaniX brand. (Which they say they will also re-release Mekton Z under.)

I know that there's a separate game from them called Cybergeneration which doesn't seem to be as advertised on their front page. I never did find out if it uses the Interlock or Fuzion system, but I believe it uses Interlock.

The website: http://www.talsorian.com/

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