Is Jughead a Pothead? Let's take a look: Some people say all the evidence is there. He seems to like time by himself. He's normally seen stuffing his face (quite likely a bad case of the munchies) and he's always in a bit of a daze. He sleeps constantly and can't seem to pay much attention to anything.

I, however, disagree.

Jughead not only eats a lot. He'll do just about anything for food. He doesn't just crave food, he loves it. He's infatuated with every aspect of it. To him, eating is an art. Come on, you guys. He's just a kid who likes to eat.

Jughead sleeps alot, yes. He's sleeping off all the eating he did. You jerk. How would you feel if your mom is always telling you to clean your room? And the nose you inheirited from your dad is repeatedly being used to hold candy canes at Christmas time? And your name was really Forsythe. I'd sleep a lot too. Right after I cried for an hour.

Jughead once said "It's too much trouble to keep them open all the way." It's generally assumed, while the eyes appear fully shut, they're really kinda open. A little. You know, enough to see if Big Ethel is around. So he's not just totally stoned, just trying to conserve energy. How's that for an answer?

Jughead never hangs out with girls. What does that have to do with smoking marijuana? Quit being such a homophobe.

Jug's just a dapper young man who wants to eat a lot. He's hungry, lazy and possibly a little sad. Nothing wrong with that.

But big Moose is another story.