Two today!

A little over two years ago, a bad bad man sent me an email with the subject line 'How to stich up your academic career completely already, already', it being, of course, already stitched up. I can't describe this site's impact on me since then in any meaningful way. It's pointless, of course, to try to, but I will because I always do.

I could say that I've been here for over 10% of my life, but that doesn't mean anything. I could say that I'm really very much looking forward to asking for a mentee when I can, but that doesn't mean a lot. I could say that I feel increasingly part of a community, I guess, but that doesn't mean much to someone not already part of it.

Perhaps what I can say is that e2 has been everything to me, whenever I have wanted it. It has influenced me beyond measure, actually. More than knowledge, Everything has shown me new ways to think, and to act, for which I cannot thank its users enough.

Thank you.