This is concerning the soundtrack, not the movie itself. I put this note in here after a sound chewing out by an honest noder, which I not only understood but actually enjoyed. It reminded me of what I must sound like to y'all sometimes.

I would guess that this movie is a wretched, misshapen thing that no decent human should be expected to witness. Tell me if I'm wrong, 'cause I don't think anyone in my family is going to be shelling out for a ticket. However, the soundtrack CD has eight Steely Dan songs, all done by different artists, and most of them are pretty darn sweet.

I think many of you whippersnappers who have never gotten into the sociopathic fog that is Steely Dan might give a listen to these renditions, done by some of your generation's artists, and then move on to the real thing. The only artists I know who are covering the Dan on here are Wilco, the Brian Setzer Orchestra, and Ben Folds Five. The other five are brand new to me, but that's a good thing. I was especially enchanted by Ivy's rendition of Only a Fool Would Say That. This has always been one of my favorite Dan songs. Some guy named Billy Goodrum does an excellent job of "Razor Boy." Hey, this CD even has a Hootie and the Blowfish song that I actually like! That's like, you know, just impossible or something. It also has the Foo Fighters' Breakout. You like that song, don't you?

Anyway, if you like these versions of Steely Dan songs and you've never given Steely Dan a spin, I can assure you that the original versions are at least as good as these covers.