I know that it is always the case that you go through a stage in your life where you think that The Man is trying to keep you down. There have been wonderful works of art produced and profound ideas resulting from this implied tyranny over ideas. We would have not had William Blake's poetic rebellion, complete with drawings for those who could only look at pictures and not understand the words, had he not felt the religion of his day was oppressing him. We would have missed Albrecht Durer's art had he not felt that the standard paintings of his day were styled in a way that confused the whole idea of how depth perception should be used.

None of these folks who advanced our culture felt the need to tell us exactly into what sort of linen they chose to spill their glee juice. They were human with human needs and desires, but things such as this were considered off limits for public discussion. For a good reason.

So E2 is a place that can hold as much data as can be produced by as many monkeys with typewriters can pump out in as many days as they are alive. My house could hold bags full of human waste, fingernail clippings, urine, feces, menstrual blood, boogers, spit, and splooge for all of my family's life, I suppose. (If we cleaned out the attic.) And somehow I am to understand that collecting all of this and storing it for the next family that lives here would somehow help them to understand us and who we really were, on some higher level? I suspect that they would not only think we were absolutely insane, but that the real estate agent might have a hard time closing the deal.

I am not sure about whether E2 is actually a community or not, even though there are some wonderful thoughts along those lines scattered about in the data base. This has been covered before, again and again. "Earn Your Bullshit" used to be one of my favorite places to refer folks for dem bones' attitude about all of this. I think the point is this:

Folks who have found a home here have either regretted giving out TMI and had it removed, or they learned early on that there was no need for telling it all. So the long-time users live in a house which happily invites anyone in to share their stories and wisdom and humor and specialized knowledge. And some of those folks who will not actually take up residence in the house will spill grape juice (or worse) on the carpet and expect others to not only clean it up, but to actually thank them for doing so?

I'm sorry, but this makes no sense to me.

* * * *

If you took exception to the word shame in the title, or otherwise misunderstood what I was trying to say here, I wish you'd look at ymelup's w/u down there. These are the sorts of new noders whom you might just have run off with this sort of nonsense, had they not been stronger. Now, that would be a shame.