The Sentra SE-R is one of THE ultimate sleeper imports. Most are not owned by the type of people with Honda CRX's with shitty sounding exhausts and rust spots. It's got just a touch of class to it. And, they're a hell of alot faster than any CRX too. The SR20-DE twin cam 16 valve engine purrs like a BMW below 4k RPM, but past that, all the way up to 7.5k, it's a fucking roar, especially with an intake and tuned exhaust. Stock horsepower is about 140 at the crank, and I figure mine has about 155 bhp with the intake and exhaust. Although it doesn't sound like alot of power, the SE-R is a very light car and it's plenty sufficent to scare the poop out of anyone in the passenger seat, or the ample backseats.

Mine's red too.