So we're gonna try to get root logs back in the swing of things. It's funny to consider that after 7 years, we still have major developments on the site.

Minor but useful changes

Things we Actually Got Done

  • (For editors only) the ability to (un)hide things on new writeups.
  • Acting more or less as a proxy for the brilliance of call, we optimized the message table a bit and hopefully cut down on some of the longer database query calls.
    • Just FYI: If you have a lot of archived messages, please consider moving them off-site into a text file and deleting them from the system. We have 1.5 million messages, so needless to say, pulling them all down can sometimes take a long time, and it's those outlier "really long" queries that in turn suck up server response time for the rest of us, too. (Note: this is not some secret ultimate solution, but every bit helps.)

Major projects in current development

  • Multiple Scratch Pads - expanding on Excalibre's excellent idea, we'll be offering multiple scratch pads to users. Some nice features:
    • The ability to post a writeup directly from a scratch pad.
    • The helpful formatButton feature donated from c2 by call for one-click paragraph and break tags.
    • link view to show broken links before posting (courtesy of rootbeer277's suggestion)
    • The ability to make any pad private or public. So you can share some things without sharing everything.
    • The (future) ability to have collaboration nodes. This is gonna be a level power, folks, but we're trying to make it happen.
  • For Level 7+ users, the ability to change the main catbox topic. A few limits: only once per 24 hours, and we'll take it away if you don't all play nice.
  • The New Frontpage - So far, I've gotten a lot of feedback, and hopefully we'll get some more after the first round gets processed. I'm going to work on some alternative designs, and we're going to open up a graphic design contest soon for ways to brighten up the place and make it better for guest users and more useful for regular noders.
  • A new lede writeuptype. Details are murky, but it will essentially be nonvotable summaries of factual topics for a quick education. Bonus XP to be awarded to people who write gooduns. Like I said, murky, but approaching.

Ideas floating (read: not necessarily ever going to happen)

  • Nodeshell searching
  • auto-softlinking
  • A new tutorial system
  • The personal nodetype
  • Your idea here

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