It goes like this:

I'm eating an apple bear claw with some milk and sitting up in this car with a bubble on top of it, so I can look up at the sky. No matter what time I go up there, we are always unable to see. We pass through the Appalachians, and every time I go up there we pass through a mountain tunnel or whatever.

As usual, when I get up there and sit down, we pass into a tunnel and I eat my bear claw and prepare to get up to go. The second I stand up we exit the tunnel and we're on a bridge. My ears pop and I look around and I feel like I can see everything. I have never seen so much in one glance.

I see factories pumping out smoke, I see roads criss-crossing the landscape like stitches. I see farms in the valley and I see houses balanced in the wooded foothills. I see where lives began, end, and are acted out with the same manner that I had.

At this moment, I stop thinking of myself as something special, and I am in awe of what humanity is and will become. From this moment, my dreams came.