Today is when the girlfriend comes by. I think more and more all the time about precisely what is going to happen today. We have a open relationship, in that we talk to each-other a lot about what's on our minds, but I think that telling her precisely what's going on in my head about my unhappiness may be a bad idea.

I want to go to grad school after I graduate here this year. I can't afford it. I'll go to work, say I'll quit in a year, then I'll end up not quitting and staying at some job I hate or whatever.

Girlfriend will be in my arms in 12-hours. I probably won't node or vote much in the next couple of days.

I have to read The House of The Spirits by Isabel Allende by Sunday. Her prose is dense, and I can't say I really care much at all for it. My personal reading list still includes Infinite Jest, Memoirs of a Beatnik, and now Learning Python. I've determined python would be a good language to learn, because my roommate has a book about it. He says perl is evil.

Dead broke. I can't buy my girlfriend the gifts that she deserves for her birthday yesterday. I can't help but feel really really really bad about that.