Something I think that would be useful on the front page: a random word of the day.

Today I get a cable modem. I called for it in December.

Finished reading The Hacker Ethic today.

To-Be Dad Diary:

My girlfriend has something called preeclampsia, which was diagnosed this afternoon and, luckily, caught before causing some of it's more fun side-effects, namely dain bramage and death. Basically it's pregnancy-related hypertension (aka swelling). We have to keep all her urine for 24 hours in a red container that sits in our fridge. Yum!

Sometimes I think that keeping medical textbooks laying around is probably not good for a pseudo-hypochondriac next to my copy of The Worst-Case Survival Handbook.

Big Fear: she dies and I'm left to raise the child by myself. Yeah. It's occurred to me. More than twice.

Big Fear 2: child is born with some "defect." Like watching Ripley's Believe it or Not the other day and the man without a face, eaten off by some bacteria.