...we call it a Woody.

The Beach Boys were the epitome of surfing cool in the sixties. They were they were the hippest of hip young dudes, and they loved riding around in a big, long, station wagon called a 'Woody'.

The purpose of a Woody was to deliver them to the areas in which they could be seen by members of the opposite sex, who would presumably say things like "Wow, what a hot Woody" and "Let's put out for those guys." To increase their chances, the Boys would wax the Woody every weekend, and adjust the suspension to give the best ride possible.

If a gang of 'bad guys' showed up with another Woody, a longer, wider, or more powerful one, there would be a contest called a 'drag', where the two drivers would compete to see who could drive their Woody with the greatest force and speed. If no winner could be decided, the argument would be settled by hand-to-hand and hand-to-Woody combat.

Once the females had been secured and the 'bad guys' humiliated, the Boys could leave on a Surfin' Safari. They would drive off down the coast in their big, bad Woody; surfboards on the roof, cigars blowing smoke in the breeze, and extra-large boloney sandwiches waiting in the lunchbox.