The first album by the Beach Boys - and it shows. Other than the title track and 409, most of this stuff sounds like what it was, an album knocked up by a few teenage kids in a couple of hours. They got much better. Produced by Nik Venet.


  1. Surfin' Safari
  2. County Fair
  3. Ten Little Indians
  4. Chug-A-Lug
  5. Little Girl (You're My Miss America)
  6. 409
  7. Surfin'
  8. Heads You Win, Tails I Lose
  9. Summertime Blues
  10. Cuckoo Clock
  11. Moon Dawg
  12. The Shift

The album is currently available as a Capitol Records twofer with Surfin' USA. The band for this album were Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Mike Love and Dave Marks. Marks replaced Al Jardine briefly, but Jardine is on Surfin', Surfin' Safari and 409, which were recorded earlier.
Next album - Surfin' USA.

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