A Christian punk band on Tooth and Nail Records.

Mikey Huntington - Vocals, Bass
Cliffy Huntington - Guitar, Vocals
Jonny Huntington - Guitar
Danny Huntingon - Drums

Quoted from the Tooth and Nail Records site:

Through the years band members have come and gone (Tommy, Bradley, A. J.,Danny #1, Mikee, C. J., Davey), while some have stayed put (Mikey, Cliffy) and some have yet to leave (Jonny, Danny #2...cross your fingers and maybe they'll stay). The band toured America from June to October of '99 (w/The Calicoes, Shorthanded, One21, The Roosevelts and Lugnut) before returning to their manic recording schedule.

The year 2000 brings a new full length (Plastic Surgery) and an 8 month touring schedule as well as the band's first trip to Europe.