Woke up and noded about my dream. I went to school because I had a big test. I was running late so I was driving 80 in a 55 and 40 mile per hour zone. At school I walked inside the building where I had my final exam for english. I walked around looking for a friend of mine Rosalie. As I walked around my ex-girlfriend and I spotted each other. She was talking to a friend of hers named Joel. We waved at each other and I walked on. Jealousy wrapped its slimy arms around my body but I shrugged him off, after I went to the bathroom and fixed myself up. I went back out and she was gone.

I walked around some more and Rosalie came in to the building. We walked and talked for a while and finally went in to where we were supposed to take our test. During the test I realized that this is my last day with her. I turned in my test and hugged my teacher goodbye. For everyone else that went up to her to hug her she always stayed in her seat. When I went up there, she got up and hugged me, then sat back down. As I left she called me a cutie pie.

I waited outside 3 minutes while Rosalie finished. We walked out talking some more, I know I'll miss her. Before she started walking off to her car I felt no guts to ask for her phone number because I enjoy spending time and talking with her. She starts walking to her car and said, "Have a nice day!" I yelled back, "Have a nice life!" She gives me a look as though she was saying, "I can't believe he just said that."

I got in my car and drove home. On the way home my ex floods my thoughts. I cried as I listened to Sheryl Crow sing "My Favorite Mistake" and "Tomorrow Never Dies."

I get home and log on to node about my day so far. I get IMed by a bunch of people so I am bothered as I do this. My best friend, whom I now call my lil' bro, IM's me about him asking some girl out. I gave him advice and he's on his way now.